In less than 5 minutes from request to a fully planned IT project



What we offer

BestCase enables the rapid planning of entire IT projects, product developments, or significant feature requests - in under 5 minutes. This means teams have at least 6 to 8 weeks more time for actual collaborative implementation, as fundamental planning is no longer a time sink.

Additionally, BestCase's Solution Finder actively provides useful solutions for each work step, allowing individual IT team members to save up to 42% of their work time per week.

No more maintaining and consolidating information across tools like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Email, numerous Miro boards, Slack, Teams, chat histories, Zoom, Jira, Confluence, Asana, and many other information sources and tools.

No more hours spent preparing and conducting meetings, among other things, to align on the latest information.

One browser tab. One central source of information. Finally one single source of truth.

One click that makes a difference in max. 5 minutes.

BestCase. The one-stop solution for automated IT project delivery.

Why BestCase?

60% of global IT projects fail or are not completed on time. Every month, 6 out of 10 projects face demotivating delays, making it impossible to timely realize newly planned projects.

Despite the known tools averaging 8 parallel decentralized tools with "groundbreaking" efficiency promises that were supposed to make work easier.

Despite the internally forced lengthy and costly Agile Transformation, for which there is actually no time available internally.

The usual way to complete an IT project? More pressure and stress. But this only motivates people to change jobs, not to work more efficiently or better. And it harms the project's quality, requiring more time later for error correction.

The solution?

AI-powered automated IT project planning and implementation, with BestCase.

Target group

- 42,235 software providers
- 95,048 taxable ICT companies, of which 11,824 are medium-sized companies
- 1.35 million employees in the ICT industry (Germany, as of 2023)


- Finalize financing round
- Additional performers and competences for our team (Already on board: CFO, CIRO, Business Development, Sales)

Our Story

- March 2022: Based on past and current IT project progressions, we started with the conception of the BestCase vision and first prototype.
- April 2023: After month of development and research Patric quit his job to work full-time on the vision and product behind BestCase.
- June 2023: First contact with Markus, several video calls to share expertise and find synergies. Few weeks later personal workshops in Munich and Graz.
- August 2023: Together and through Markus' expertise, the financial planning and go-to market strategy is completely optimized to an expert level.
- September 2023: Official team onboarding of Christian as our internal advisor related to all investor readiness topics. We officially found our CIRO!
- October 2023: Based on Markus recommendation, since we need additional expertise in business development and sales, we met Dirk Franke and found a perfect advisor for our visions future and overall growth.
- January 2024: Launch of our product in Germany

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