Our vast Knowledge Graph empowers tech teams to build groundbreaking, data-driven solutions that solve the biggest challenges in the global production sector.



What we offer

We are creating a large, integrated Knowledge Graph for the global production sector, meticulously designed by our expert team with extensive industry experience. We address the critical pain points of data sourcing and integration by providing a wealth of standardized, interconnected data to fuel innovation in Supply Chain Intelligence, Market Intelligence, domain-specific Generative AI, and more.

Our self-service API offers tiered subscription plans, streamlines data enrichment and enables cost-effective access for businesses of all sizes. We've already gained traction through strategic partnerships, successful use cases, and significant revenue, demonstrating market validation and our unique value proposition.

Our developer-friendly API, our comprehensive data coverage, and our proprietary Entity Linking AI are strong differentiators in the market. We have a clear roadmap for scaling our offering, expanding into new markets, and adapting to the evolving needs of the global production sector.

Target group

Our primary target audience are tech companies and teams in large organizations that are building data-driven solutions for the production sector.

Other than individual users that need data just to address a one-off question (e.g. generate or enrich a list of leads they want to reach out to), these teams are professional users that might need a lot of data from different sources to fuel their solution. Not only our data but also our platform and our competitive pricing model are optimized for perfectly serving these professional users with the need for large amounts of data.

Due to the nature of the data market, our geographical focus is global right from the start and our automated, online-first go-to-market approach is designed for this purpose. With our traction in the US we already have proven that we meet the requirements of this market and are able to bring value to the most technologically advanced companies.

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