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Phonein C-Corp

Our vision is to become the leading smart-apartment technology brand, and an access/delivery platform at the intersection of #deliverytech, the sharing-economy (AirBnB) and on-demand service apps.
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What we offer

We've got an advanced working prototype of our first product, a smart intercom replacement for apartments. We have a great web presence, a killer brand, and proven market demand through our PPC advertising campaigns. We're even ready to run what looks like a big $1M+ Kickstarter campaign.

Our hardware / software engineering, brand building, and marketing abilities are strong.

We need the strong business mind and performer to round out our team, help us answer a few remaining questions about our business model, and help us raise capital for growth.

Target group

We are a consumer electronics brand, initially targeting city residents with our first product, a smart intercom. Our most interested customers are smart-home enthusiasts, airbnb hosts, and anyone who lives in an apartment and orders a lot online!


Improve upon our business plan, hopefully raise some capital, and then run the Kickstarter!

Our Story

When I first moved from the US to Europe, I loved to travel around between the amazing cities, and so I would rent out my flat on AirBnB. Also ordering online was very useful, as I didn't know what to buy where so I liked to rely on

However, neither of these was easy, because I was always getting blocked by the intercom system in my apartment building! Locking a key next to the flat door was fine, but there was no way to get deliveries or guests into the building in the first place.

So I took apart my intercom phone, and started to build what would one day become Phonein! I met and hired the other engineers on the team from a hardware/software bootcamp here in Budapest (1 student, and 1 teacher). That was the original team.