Healthcare Stand Nov 2021 from Österreich
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NAYU is your all-in-one holistic health companion that helps people to achieve a healthier life by using the traditional Ayurveda health system. Our app promotes health & wellness by showing people how to customize their diet, workouts, meditations and lifestyle to their individual mind & body type. Our features: BODY & MIND TEST - With our app users can identify their ayurvedic body & mind type to better understand what they need to feel balanced. CUSTOMIZED HEALTH RECOMMENDATIONS - Customized to our users’ type, we recommend recipes, articles, yoga, guided meditations, seasonal advices & daily routines. AYURVEDA COURSES - With our courses people are able to learn how to integrate Ayurveda in their everyday life.

Our team
Our Story
Hi, we are Lena, Zina & Niklas – the founders of NAYU. We were working together in a digital division of VW in Berlin, developing software to sell cars online. During team activities and lunch time we found out, that we have a lot of things in common beyond our work activities. We are software developers but there is something bigger that connects us: Lena is passionate about Yoga and a certified Yoga teacher. She taught us how Yoga can help to release tension and pain after long working days. Zina is an Ayurveda cook, always recommending what to eat during stressful days and prepping healthy snacks for the team. Furthermore, Niklas shared his huge knowledge about meditation & mindfulness with us. More and more we experienced how our interests are complementing each other as the foundation of a holistic healthy lifestyle. One day we had the idea to merge our passion into a health product to help other people make better choices in their day-to-day life – the start of our NAYU app.
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