lounge8 is a mental training and recreation system that allows people immediate relaxation, rest and inner peace. Designed to recreate your mind.



What we offer

lounge8 is a mental training and recreation system that, by means of monotone stimulation of all senses through a specially developed oscillation frequency, allows people immediate relaxation, rest and inner peace - all of this with the best comfort and timeless design. Our vision is to perfect the system to an opportunity for the user,
to change the focus of his mind automatically to the swinging, auditive and visual stimulations, so that the user will get the consciousness to experience the time of relaxation, deceleration and regeneration during the sessions. Furthermore the contents of the VR Video clips may be diversived, so that the range of use may be enlarged to mental training options for fitness, psychotherapeutic and other medical treatments.

At this stage a brand concept, prototypes of lounge8 and lounge8 soundfiles are completed and tested. Basic Website, social medias, written and illustrated documentation are ready made. Production facilities are in consideration now.

Target group

Our target groups are the psycho-hygenic health sector, the health branch, premium wellness and fitness facilities, business and corporate health management and the final consumer.


Our next step is to capture the D-A-CH market as well as to expand as soon as possible internationally.

Our Story

Several years ago, the founder and Inventor, Roland Bachstein made the experience, that monotone stimulation of the senses had the effect of efficient relaxation.
Whenever he travelled by train, he recognized, that the slight monotone swinging and
sound of the wagon during the tour led into deep relaxation and deceleration. So at that time he thought about the idea of a swinging lounge chair, which was simulating
this gentle slight swinging. The target was to find a posssibility to achieve this effect without any electrical power and to create a nice and timeless design. Later on, when
the lounge chair was already under development, further ideas of auditive and visual
modules arised. So the concept of a holistic relaxation system was born, whereas all modules are basically synchronised with the special frequency of the lounge chair.
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