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Create a free learning platform to reduce illiteracy and offer equal life opportunities for the 775 million adults in the world who lack minimum literacy skills.



What we offer

Globally, 775 million adults lack minimum literacy skills (UNESCO), this being one of the biggest obstacles to stable employment. These people cannot be trained for new skills, get paid less than their peers, and therefore cannot ensure education for their children. Amazingly, they have also embraced smartphones and have found ingenious ways of using them.

For the first time in history, we have the possibility of eliminating illiteracy, with the help of technology. You can make this vision happen.

You will help steer the project in the right direction, grow a passionate open source community, and set the benchmark for what edtech can be.

Target group

Phase 1
Newly arrived refugees in Munich, who are primary illiterate (=people who never went to school), and want to learn the German language.

Phase 2
Further expansion to regions where illiteracy rates are drastically higher will follow (e.g. French-speaking Africa, English-speaking Africa).


• Measure the learning progress of the users
• Explain the app and its features to people who cannot read texts
• Teaching users with whom you do not have a common language, are illiterate, and largely digital-inferface-illiterate
• Finding new interactive ways of teaching basic reading and writing skills

Our Story

In February, I was working in Ivory Coast, a country with a literacy rate of only 41%. You often meet illiterates who tell you their life’s story. They are unable to hope for a better future because they are stuck in their job. Nobody can offer them any training, as they do not know how to read or write. At the same time, they all use smartphones in amazing ways. I therefore did research in Ivory Coast and then, back in München, began to work on a solution.