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Kunden wanted for Rapid MVP Building Deutschland

"We from XoLabs are a rapid mvp agency. We help you bringing your idea/prototype to the road as fast as possible. "
Entrepreneurs wanted as customers

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Nadine Metzl München

for 40h/week

Daniel Neumann München

"Wir entwickeln und realisieren digitale Strategien 100% unternehmerisch ✔ 100% kundenorientiert ✔ 100% hands on ✔"

Cai München

for 40h/week

Sebastian Walter München

"Entspannter, aber zielstrebiger Typ, der die letzten Jahre in Konzernen sein Handwerkszeug gelernt hat, nun aber selbst durchstarten will."
Founder with focus Designer Engineer

Patrick Grzybowski Berlin

"Fail early, fail cheap."
Employee Founder with focus Product Manager Sales Manager Marketing Manager for 40h/week

Christoph Neumann Berlin

"Kick-starting your business with technology."
Founder Mentor Business Angel for 40h/week

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