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Robin Scharf Dortmund

"Join me in building an app for a huge community globally supporting players of pen & paper games to manage their groups and shared experience."
Founder for 7h/week

Mohaiyudin Romal Deutschland

"Tech-Startups, Teams zwecks & VC Beteiligung. Bringe Know-how, neue Anwendungsfelder für ihr Produkt und Innovationen."
Founder with focus Business Developer Developer (backend) Developer (frontend) for 41h/week

Edward Vasquez Zürich

"Ich bin sehr ehrgeizig."
Founder with focus Developer (frontend) for 15h/week

Arkadius Hauke München

"Mehrjährige Erfahrung in Bereichen Mobile Apps, eCommerce und eGovernment."
Founder with focus Developer Product Manager for 20h/week

Alexander Praetorius

"CTO. Aus Frankfurt or Berlin. Will mitgründen. Sucht Mitgründer."

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