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German Startups wanted for Open business in Africa and or B2B Matchmaking with African Startups Wolfsburg

" Looking for German Startups looking to enter African market, B2B Matchmaking or seeking due dilligence on business opportunities in Africa"
Startups wanted as customers in the area of Agriculture B2B Consulting Energy Foods Mining Packaging and Distribution Social Entrepreneurship

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"IT-4.0 Irrtümer aufklären, Sicherheit vermitteln Nachhaltigkeit, Umweltschutz und Teilhabe für ein selbstbestimmtes Leben fördern (§19), Armut beseitigen."
in the area of Hardware Mining Software Development

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Mathias Herrmann Erfurt

"Werde Teammitglied:"
for 40h/week

Ahsan Ahmad Wuppertal

"Ambitious. Filled with energy and Ideas. Technological Solutions come to me naturally. Looking for mutual coopertation, networking, or like "
Founder Employee Business Angel with focus Business Developer Developer Engineer for 41h/week

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