Startups wanted for collaborations in the area of Consumer Electronics (5)

Gründer und Startups in Hochfranken und Süd-Sachsen wanted for Kostenlose Beratung und Coaching im neuen Digitalen Gründerzentrum in Hof Bayern

"Du hast eine Geschäftsidee, planst den Aufbau eines Unternehmens oder hast bereits gegründet? Dann wollen wir dich unbedingt kennenlernen!"
Startups wanted for exchange in the area of Corporate Training Packaging and Distribution Consumer Electronics Entertainment Tourism Civil engineering Testing Procedures Telecommunications Search Sports Games Social Entrepreneurship Social Networks Software Development Smart Cities Security Sharing Economy Jewelry SaaS Robotics Legal Aerospace Production Technology Recruiting Nanotechnology Music Fashion Mobility Mobile Apps Metallurgy Metrology Media Mechanical Systems Mathematics Mass Customization Marketplace / Platform Market research Marine Aviation Logistics Foods Agriculture Pulp and Paper Advertising Art Creativity Internet of Things Information Technology Industry 4.0 Real Estate Wood Technology Household appliances Hardware Commerce Semiconductors Rubber and Plastic Green and cleantech Glass and ceramics Healthcare Conveying Equipment Research and Development Fluid systems Financial Services Precision Mechanics Paint and Coating Petroleum and Natural Gas Enterprise Software Energy Electrical Engineering Electronics Railway E-Commerce Data Visualization Data Analytics Chemicals Biotechnology Image processing Education Mining Consulting B2C B2B Automotive Automation Architecture Waste Economy

Vertriebspartner wanted for Kundenakquise Österreich

"Akquise von gewerblichen Vermietern für u. g. Bereiche. Vergütung wird erfolgsabhängig ausgezahlt. Für die Plattform:"
Entrepreneurs wanted for supply for HR for investment for promotion for others as customers in the area of Advertising Consumer Electronics Sports Games Sharing Economy Fashion Mobile Apps Marketplace / Platform Household appliances E-Commerce Consulting B2C B2B

Käufer wanted for Deutschland

" ist auf Wordpress aufgesetzt mit der einem Amazon Afilli Modul. "
Startups wanted for investment in the area of B2B B2C Consumer Electronics E-Commerce Fashion