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Chief Development BADAS Co Founding Position in Vienna, Austria. The Chief Development BADAS is a Co-Founding position working in close relation with the CEO in the development of the Business executing the BADAS business plan co-leading strategic market entry worldwide, carrying out the BADAS mission, and generating rapid to hyper growth within the first three years of business. The CDB is a highly passionate professional with experience in the Travel Industry. The CDB is an extremely driven individual who is entirely committed to the BADAS vision and mission and sees themselves as an essential part of the company driving its growth of the company and ensuring its financial and operative performance. The CBD is investing a small amount of his own capital into the company at launch. The CDB manages key tasks in Strategic Business Development, Development of the Marketing and Sales Department and Development and Implementation of Financial Controlling Systems. The CDB is expected to work both as Executive and Middle Manager while working operatively. With team leadership responsibilities the CDB is a highly skilled manager that recruits high performing talent and leads and creates the highest performing teams, motivates, and represents and inspires other staff to work by the BADAS principles and plays a key role in creating the BADAS culture and workplace engaging staff in their role as active contributors to the BADAS work and team culture. He manages and transforms conflicts effectively, has an open heart and all in all is: BADAS! Key Responsibilities Business Development Travel Agency License / Travel Agency Development Business Development & Strategic Planning Investor Relations & Management Development of Bookkeeping. Accounting. Controlling, Payroll Compliance Management Asset Management Controlling Sales and Account Management Sales Key Account Management Distributors and Partners Marketing Key Performance & Conversion Marketing in Development in liaison with CEO Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation of Customer Journeys and Key Performance Measurement Development of Promotional Materials Brand Strategy Execution & Brand Development in liason KPI Indication, Monitoring, Evaluations Sales and Key Account Management of Distribution Accounts Annual Salary Range (This position is seasonal for 2019 and pay is based on level of involvement and will be reviewed at the end of October 2019 based on level of involvement and business succcess ) Equity Range 15% — 25% The CBD is investing a small amount of his own capital into the company becoming one of 5 executive shareholders after transition to a GmbH (Limited Liability Company) Salary Range € 20 ,000 — € 30 ,000 EUR on top of shares and profit distribution. Send whatever documents and/or information you want that demonstrate your attitude, experience, and skills to show that you are the ideal candidate as well as show proven track record and previous business success.

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