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Egyptian Mechanical engineer with Masters of mechanical engineering at TH-lübeck (germany) and 4 years of experience as a mechanical designer. Living in germany for 4 years. looking for a business partner whose role will be public relations/sales/business development.

30 years
I'm looking for

A partner who can contact other mechanical engineering companies and make partnerships with them.

I offer

Experience exactly at the field we are making the company about. Connections in Egypt. A founded company, website. ready to launch.

Seniors Konstruktion (Outsourcing von Maschinenbauingenieuren)
Seniors Konstruktion (Outsourcing von Maschinenbauingenieuren)

Wir möchten ägyptische Maschinenbauingenieure auslagern, um für deutsche Unternehmen zu arbeiten, die die Arbeitskosten senken möchten.

Automation Consulting Mechanical Systems
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