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Michael is the Founder and CEO of the leading change management company Timmermann Group in Munich, Germany. As a psychologist and ex-McKinsey-consultant Michael uses his psychological and business expertise in successful companies he founded, acquired and invested in

43 years
I'm looking for

Co-founders, truly excited to create the world's best AI coach. Backgrounds: 1 AI architect, ideally with Python coding ability; 1 great Python developer, ideally with AI experience

I offer

Financing, coaching know-how, customer access, complete infrastructure (office, backoffice team), management experience, agile coaching, product owner, experience in software development & marketing

AI Coach
AI Coach

Automatizing a costly established service, we create a revolutionary AI coach that helps people learn to deal with challenges in their private & working lives.

Automation Education Software Development
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Co-Founder and AI Architect needed for AI Coach

Co-Founder Developer Developer (backend) Developer (frontend)
Co-founder and AI-Developer needed for AI Coach

Co-Founder Developer Developer (backend) Developer (frontend)
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