Wake up and take the leap in your life . Change something before it's too late and be loud!
Intro / About me

It is my goal and wish to change the world a bit and make it better

27 years
I'm looking for

Support for my StartUp and the opportunity to work together

I offer

An exciting company with a lot of input and the opportunity to make a difference

Royal Blue Task Force (RBTF) OÜ
Royal Blue Task Force (RBTF) OÜ

Our vision is to change the world a little bit. With our ALL IN ON IT SOLUTION, a solution for B2B customers in IT, we are getting closer to this goal

Enterprise Software Information Technology Security
Jobs Listings
Co-Founder/in/diverse needed for Start-Up Development

We are a start-up company with the goal to make the world a little bit better and to change it, we do this in the digitalization of our products

Co-Founder Sales Manager Operations Manager Project Manager
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