In short

I'm Sven from Frankfurt am Main and I'm here as startup Mentor and Employee. With pleasure i take over the roles of Finance Manager or Project Manager or Consultant. I'm open for new startup projects about 41 hours / week.

I offer

Langjährige Erfahrung in den Branchen Finanzen, Versicherung, Handel und Eventmanagement Führungserfahrung Projekterfahrung

I'm looking for

Interessante Gründungsideen



Team Roles


Job Listings

CTO (min. 20h Woche fix, bitte keine Agentur)) needed for HR Start-up

We shape the future of work in Europe

Co-Founder Developer
COO / CMO (Co-Founder) needed for HR Start-up

Aufbau eines neuen HR Start-ups

Co-Founder Business Developer Operations Manager Project Manager
CTO needed for HR Dienstleistungsplattform

Aufbau einer HR Dienstleistungsplattform

Employee Developer