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Nov2015 - today
Head Of Operations
In charge of Operations/Manager of 6 - 9 employees/Conducting employee training programs/Development of Operations strategies/Planning and execution of roll out for several categories/Responsible for CRM/Set up of CRM structure/In charge of Salesforce implementation and administration/Development of automated Salesforce workflows for retention and feedback strategies/Responsible for setting up first BI structure/Definition of Management, CRM, Operations and Product Management KPI’s/Development of automated reports via SQL and Power BI/Analysis of company progress/Creating adHoc reports and failure analysis/In charge of company communication/Development and testing of communication channels/Set up email and SMS communication process between askCharlie and users/Development of ”A/B-Tests”/Responsible for setting up first category management strategies/Development of mockups and click-dummies/Conducting and analyzing usability tests of click-dummies/Research, analysis and development of new product features to optimize internal and external product
May2015 - Nov2015
Rocket Internet
Global Business Development Manager
First Venture: Foodpanda GmbH (4 months) - Part of management of own delivery in Singapore/Management of dispatching in Kuala Lumpur (Head of Dispatching)/Responsible for „Urbanninja“ and „When I Work“ rollout on dispatcher side/Analysis and improvements of own delivery and dispatching processes/Development of strategies to reduce costs and failure rates/Responsible for organizing recruiting processes and interviewing candidates for own delivery and dispatching/Second Venture: GoButler GmbH (GFC/3 months) – Part of Operations Management team/Full responsibility of reactivation of users/Development of strategies to reduce failure rate and to improve response rate of reactivations/Responsible of customer segmentation and data/Analysis and improvements of customer segmentation/Acquisition of partnerships
Aug2014 - May2015
Entrepreneur in Residence
Part of management of PASARY/Full management responsibility of first showcase/ Responsible for Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Operations and Key Account Management/First paying customers for showcase without any marketing budget/Involved in development of corporate and monetization strategy
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