PhD stuctural engineer, specialized in structural mechanics, lightweight construction and lifetime assessment. (CAD/FEM)
Intro / About me

My motto is "action". I like to take action and do real development, as soon as possible. I am very solution-oriented and proactive. Other than that, I like to be around other people who want to build something. If you want to write me, please tell me your idea / intention, before you ask any questions.

35 years
I'm looking for

I want to provide solutions and create new products in a team athmosphere. My strength is mechanical design, and I would like to join inventors with an idea.

I offer

I have experience with mechanical design, CAD and FEM. I am quite competent in more or less every area of mechanics. I want to become a founder with equity, which would evolve into a full-time activity. (Ich spreche Deutsch auch fließend.)

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