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SpinLab - The HHL Accelerator

About the HHL Accelerator:
- We provide (co-working) office space.
- Our technology partners are able to provide key resources to help you make your ideas a reality.
- Highly-motivated coaches and mentors share their know-how and experience as part of our interactive program using team discussions, seminars, workshops and other formats.
- We share our extensive network of venture capital investors, experienced entrepreneurs and industry and technology experts with you.
- SpinLab does not charge anything and takes no equity share.

Apply for the next batch until 12.01.2016:
If you are an excellent team of passionate and entrepreneurial founders with an scalable, technology-based in the later pre-seed, seed or expansion phase feel free to apply. Early pre-seed projects will only be chosen in exceptional cases.

You can apply under either in German or English.

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Ich suche nach ambitionierten Start-Ups, die Unterstützung im Beschaffungswesen benötigen und sich voll und Ganz auf Ihr Marketing konzentrieren können.
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