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Ali Rahimi supports ambitious companies to gain the creativity and technical expertise necessary to thrive in a constant changing digital world. Mr. Rahimi’s experience in design thinking, prototyping and digital product development in collaboration with multinational companies, enables him to balance user needs, markets, design and technology. He draws on his experience starting ventures that originate at the intersection of technology and design. In his current role as co-founder and managing director at Seamless Interaction - a digital product development agency, based in Hamburg, Germany - Mr. Rahimi collaborates with market leaders supported by a cross-functional team of developers, engineers and designers to envision and create industrial and digital products. Moreover, as a speaker and guest lecturer he inspires his audience and students with new technologies and trends, delivering hands-on innovation methods that enable professionals to create digital products, platforms and APIs. Previous to Seamless Interaction, Mr. Rahimi was one the founding members of the Ambient Intelligence Institute at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, where he participated in realizing the Living Place Hamburg, one the first smart home laboratories of Europe. His efforts enabled the Living Place reach the required visibility by the press to become one of the most innovative places in Hamburg in 2011. Born in 1982 in Teheran, Iran, he moved with his parents to Hamburg in 1985. Since his first contact with computer technology he became an active member of the demo scene using an Amiga to create digital art in 1998. His fascination with technology led him to study computer science, where he holds a Master of Science degree.

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