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I have a range of experience in various IT related roles from early stage startups to big cooperations, working on or with novel/advanced technologies to create products that provide true value to its users. Currently in the early stages with a team of experienced IT professionals to start a new venture in eHealth. Startup Project: Hippocrates Technologies is working on creating a major paradigm shift in the foundation of the massive yet still underdeveloped eHealth software market. We strongly believe it's worth fighting for the democratization of software development for medical devices and in opening up the medical IoT market to generate ten+ fold growth. Our aim is for society to ultimately reap massive benefits in terms of better prevention and care of common as well as rare medical conditions. We are looking for: A highly technical co-founder who foolishly hungers for the opportunity to pioneer disruptive technology that can have a long-lasting impact on the world. The ideal candidate would be an experienced developer/software architect who is extremely passionate about innovation and technology, someone who strives when facing challenges and craves for the chance to create novel groundbreaking technology. Full-stack cloud developer experience would be a good fit. Requirements: Culture of innovation, drive for growth (personal and collective), user centric vision, understanding of the big picture, altruistic motivations, entrepreneurial drive. Technical and personal values: integrity, privacy, trust, commitment to project and deadlines.

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