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We help founders build a minimum viable product and rapidly get it to market to test their hypotheses at minimum cost. We do so with a tailored leasing contract: founders can start work on their project with a 14% down payment, while the remaining sum is spread over 18 monthly installments. After six months, founders can opt to cancel their lease with no questions asked and all further payments forgiven. To keep the founders' cash investments low, we ask for a 2% stake in each startup.

We work with a select group of no more than 9 startups per batch and are completely invested in the projects we take on.

While building the product is our main focus, it's our pleasure to further assist our first time founders by connecting them with mentors and offering business assistance during office hours.

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We love non-technical founders

Many talented founders with smart business models
have a hard time finding a tech cofounder
in communities where CTOs are scarce.
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