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I am looking for a co-founder for my startup. I've developed a communications app for nurseries, schools and maybe even sports clubs - for teachers to talk to parents, and for parents to chat, share and coordinate with each other. The app is currently in use by about 100 people. The people who use it love the app, and typically install it on the first screen of their phone, for example next to whatsapp or facebook. There are very similar apps in ubiquitous, wide-spread use in countries around us, but this did not happen in Germany yet. I am looking for someone to help me get this app in as many hands as possible.

You are a natural sales person who knows how to make a deal. You ideally have children yourself, so that you understand the problem area and so that you can effectively communicate with (and understand) the people who are the primary users of the app. You are a self starter and goal driven. You have to be a native German-speaker because of the target audience.

I cannot offer any salary at this point in time, but I'm willing to offer equity.

I am the technology partner in this project. I have developed this project from nothing and without external funding. I have my strengths, but sales is not one of them. That one is on you. Are you in? Mail

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The communication channels used by schools and day care centres are positively ancient. It's not unusual for teachers to give all their students a photo-copied print of a PDF with some information for the parents. Best case they have mailing list or a WhatsApp group, which are different kinds of terrible. It's time to give people in these contexts access to modern communication methods.
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