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CTO Role (with equity)

- 3+ years experience in native app development (ideally skilled with React Native, Flutter and / or Swift as well as a backend language)
- Good frontend, UI/UX skills for mobile apps
- Optional but preferred: Some skills in data science / machine learning and ideally experience with text-to-speech algorithms

- Develop a fully functioning MVP of the mobile app (ideally a hybrid version for iOS and Android) in 2-3 months. This includes building an API to push content into the app as well as implementing a subscription/payment function for users
- Build up the necessary IT architecture to support scaling the app
- Continuously improve the app after launch based on user feedback
- Build up and manage a team of software developers once we scale up
- Optional but preferred: Implement text-to speech algorithms and develop a recommendation engine to show relevant content based on past user behaviour

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