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Jaacoo will democratise education. Everybody can teach. 
Everybody wants to learn. 
We bring them together. What Uber is for taxis and Airbnb for hospitality, Jaacoo is for the democratisation of education, creating one marketplace that is focused on education where anyone can for free advertise to be a teacher or student, no matter their background, qualifications and subject of interest. Jaacoo is an educational and social platform that will allow people across the world to teach and learn without restrictions or parameters. On Jaacoo you can find knowledge, friends, earn money and have a lot of fun. You can teach and learn in person or online, create courses and learn in groups. Moreover, you can search for teachers, students, learning groups and courses, and filter results by subject, location, price, age and gender. On Jaacoo, students and teachers can evaluate each other and provide feedback on how they can further develop. You can find teachers and students close to you or all over the world and most importantly, with Jaacoo you can find the right teaching partner and friends. It is through connections and relationships with people that we learn most effectively. The easy access and on boarding process will give people across the world the chance to take control of their education. Jaacoo will be the first marketplace where students and teachers can teach and learn anything they want while connecting to fellow students and teachers. Lessons can be offered for free or for a price determined by the teacher, the online payment of which will be subject to a transaction fee. The online payment system will allow teachers to build a business around Jaacoo.
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One day in the jungle of North Vietnam I was invited to the house of a very intelligent gentleman in a wheelchair, who asked me if I could teach him English. I said sorry, but I can’t because I’m not only highly dyslexic but also I have to leave tomorrow back to Europe. However, that night I had an idea! I called a friend in Oxford and asked him if he would like to teach a guy in a wheelchair in the jungle of Vietnam? He was absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to teach my new friend.
That was the beginning of Jaacoo app.
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