Automatisierung B2B Personal Stand Sep 2019 aus München
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Today, hiring the right talent or respectively finding the right job, is highly transactional. The monotonous search for talents, the infinite scheduling of interviews, and the repetitive screening of resumes are inefficient and exhausting. It’s time for a change in recruiting, a change that allows companies and candidates to focus on the relevant parts, considering the perfect match based on: skills, position, cultural fit etc..

I strongly believe we are going to change the market for recruiting services by transforming old-fashioned methods and workflows to a systematic identification and placement of top talents. We are going to eliminate the inefficiencies in recruiting processes with modern tools and consulting approaches, which allow us to adapt the recruiting needs to the challenges of our new digital world. By using and developing new tools powered by artificial intelligence, now diving through resumes and automatically filter top Talents so that we can invest more time in connecting with them and closing the best ones.
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