Forpartum envisions a world where postpartum care is not an afterthought but a holistic, tech-driven, and community-supported journey, redefining the standards



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Forpartum offers a revolutionary all-in-one postpartum wellness platform, addressing six pillars: Nutrition, Postpartum Recovery, Sleep Support, Nervous System Support, Mental Well-being, and Community Care. Our comprehensive approach, coupled with virtual consultations for professionals, aims to redefine postpartum care.Forpartum proposes a transformative solution to the often-neglected postpartum phase, providing holistic wellness support for mothers. Our unique platform combines technology, community, and expert consultations to create a seamless and personalized postpartum experience.


Forpartum's primary target audience is postpartum mothers, providing them with a comprehensive and personalized wellness platform. Additionally, the platform caters to postpartum professionals, offering virtual consultation features. The inclusive approach extends to partners and support networks involved in the postpartum journey.

Target Group

Postpartum Mothers:

Women in the postpartum phase seeking comprehensive wellness support across nutrition, recovery, sleep, mental health, and community care.
Postpartum Professionals:

Healthcare professionals, doulas, counselors, and specialists offering virtual consultations and support on the Forpartum platform.
Support Networks:

Partners, family members, and friends involved in the postpartum journey, contributing to a supportive and collaborative community.


Challenges Ahead

Market Education:

Overcoming the challenge of educating the market about the importance of dedicated postpartum care and the unique offerings of Forpartum.
User Adoption:

Ensuring widespread adoption of the platform by postpartum mothers and professionals, establishing Forpartum as the go-to solution in the industry.
Tech Integration:

Successfully integrating technology into the postpartum care landscape, ensuring a seamless user experience and virtual consultations.
Funding and Growth:

Securing the necessary funding (estimated at $50-$100 million) to support the platform's growth, including potential expansion into in-person postpartum clinics.

Navigating competition in the Femtech and postpartum wellness space, distinguishing Forpartum's unique value proposition.
Regulatory Compliance:

Adhering to healthcare regulations and standards to ensure the platform's legality and ethical use of health data.
Long-Term Clinic Establishment:

Planning and executing the establishment of in-person postpartum clinics, considering logistical, regulatory, and operational challenges.
Building Community Engagement:

Fostering and sustaining an engaged and supportive community within the Forpartum platform.

Unsere Story

The story behind Forpartum is deeply rooted in the personal experiences and passion of its founder, Jamila Beasley. As a postpartum doula, UI/UX designer, and a mother who navigated her own set of postpartum struggles, Jamila recognized the glaring gaps in the healthcare system's approach to postpartum care.

After personally experiencing the challenges and disparities in postpartum care, Jamila was motivated to create a solution that would redefine how postpartum wellness is perceived and delivered. Her vision was to transform the traditional, one-size-fits-all approach into a holistic and personalized experience for every mother.

In 2022, Jamila founded Forpartum with the mission of revolutionizing postpartum care. Leveraging her expertise in healthcare, technology, and community building, she assembled a dynamic team of professionals and collaborated with experts in the field. The goal was clear: to develop a comprehensive platform that addresses the multifaceted needs of postpartum mothers.

Forpartum evolved from a passion project into a patent-pending, all-in-one postpartum wellness app. This platform not only provides essential support across nutrition, recovery, sleep, mental health, and community care but also offers a space for postpartum professionals to connect with and support mothers through virtual consultations.

The story of Forpartum is a journey of personal and professional growth, fueled by a commitment to making a lasting impact on postpartum wellness. It embodies the resilience, empathy, and vision of its founder, who seeks to empower mothers and change the narrative surrounding postpartum care. Forpartum is not just a startup; it's a movement to revolutionize the postpartum experience for women worldwide.