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Opportunity for MARKETING professionals and a CTO to make up the Super Power Team.
Possible co-ownership option.

✓ MVP ready and tested
✓ First sales done (with no marketing or advertising yet)
✓ Database of local professionals
✓ Feedbacks from customers
✓ Trademark
✓ USA professional's consultment support
✓ Potential investors' interest

Already made up small marketing team (small marketing agency) specialising on online advertising is preffered.

Unser Team
Unsere Story
The founder, Yulia Parker, has got great experience working for foreigners in her motherland Ukraine. Both, foreign Ukraine visitors and expats asked her to assist with things like interpreting or to help solving daily issues, or to help find potential local information and partners.
After some years her ambitions to become an entrepreneur and create something great for people have met the knowledge about the market need amoung international people.
So she decided to just start implementing it in a couple of days after she has got this idea. Step by step working on the project every day all needed resourses to make it possible have come along.
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