At Ultratech, we will try to introduce a comprehensive technological solutions that help industries, companies and individuals accomplish greater success. Our platform introduces various applications and solutions and each has a wide range of features that were created with an aim to help individuals and corporates live differently. Ultratech is currently building up its team, in order to empower our ideas, applications and solutions and launch them into the real world.



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security authorities, Government department, local authorities


build Team around the intorduced Topics and applications

Unsere Story

story started in the middle of 2015 at the midst of the refugee crisis in Europe, trying to concentrate to find innovative approach to help the relevant authorities at the local level with the influx.
My volunteering activities that have involved me to contribute few hours of time in week by being a helper in a senior residence in Freising, alongside with my other volunteer involvement at the refugee camp village in Freising, have attempted me to start thinking through various solutions that may help ease the intercultural encounter which probable to raise throughout the integration process.
Getting on board the StartupBus Germany 2015, I was then introduced to a platform that transformed my perspective and views towards how innovation and entrepreneurship shapes and frames, and it was the first time that I was introduced to the world of Startups.
UnternehmenTUM and its associate Maker-Space (a subsidiary to Technische Universität München) were the first platforms that thrown me into the world of startups with a distinct differences! They helped you to shape and structure your idea, from the introduction point all the way to the validation and execution process.
in summer 2016 , I was given the membership privilege at Maker-Space, where people spell their ideas out directly into the well-equipped tech-shop and giving it a living soul by providing and disposing adequate tools and techniques, thanks to Phil Handy, the managing director of Maker Space!
Maker-Space paved the way to arrive at UnternhemerTUM , where I stand right now and in the development phase; thanks to Philip Schneider with his wisdom, advices and direction, trying to connect me with the right people and community!