IveTime is the first mecca when I have some spontaneous time.



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IveTime helps people enjoying their limited time in the best possible way by avoiding wasting time for planning stuff.

Got some time and want to make the best out of it?
Sick of wasting time asking friends if they are available and discussing about the venue? Most people love being spontaneous (87%) but are rather helpless when trying to be. What are you missing to be spontaneous? Sure, information about who's available at that particular moment and what amazing activity could be done where (without an information overflow that usually keeps us off from being really spontaneous)!

When it comes to spontaneity people don't want to and they shouldn't think too much about the what, where and who. Things must go fast.

IveTime is the first mecca when I have some spontaneous time. It's an app, but not limited to. It's also a lifestyle. IveTime helps people to make the best out of their time, spontaneously. With friends or just on your own.

Competitors claim they already got solutions for supporting people being spontaneous. We know there is still nothing available that covers what spontaneous thinking and behavior really means.
It must be fast, as simple as possible, and supporting people in their decisions. No planning. Acting. Just IveTime.

We're now looking for investors and financial support.

If you're looking for an amazing team, that created an MVP, already in testing mode, covering a strong brand, a vision and philosophy, working processes, a high potential business model and market and a lot more that is needed for pursuing the next steps - that's IveTime. Don't miss it!
What else do you need to be convinced? Just ask for it!

If you're interested in helping us, working with us and you would like to talk to IveTime (for instance about the market and its business model) get in touch, spontaneously.


Primary target group (regional marketing partners):
events, event locations, local places, nightlife spots

Primary target group (consumers):
busy people, shiftworkers, parents, travelers, sporty people, singles, metropolitans


fundraising, testing the MVP, creating a partner network

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Meanwhile there is an amazing team of four guys working together following the IveTime vision. Come closer!
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