The N3XTCODER Career Workshop with Schoen Digital Labs focuses on Frontend Development Frameworks #ReactJS and #VueJS to build a modern UI.

React is a popular web frontend library initially developed by facebook. It is built on a declarative, composable and functional approach that aims to reduce development cycle times and increase maintainability. Vue was created by Evan You @youyuxi after working for Google using AngularJS in a number of projects. He summed up his thought process, “I figured, what if I could just extract the part that I really liked about Angular and build something really lightweight without all the extra concepts involved?”

Why you should join us:

The N3XTCODER Career Workshop experience is not only limited to the actual onsite event. We rather understand our workshops as a process, where you have the opportunity to engage with N3XTCODER as a start to build your meaningful career in tech:

• Learn from N3XTCDODER experts
• Explore impactful career opportunities
• Challenge your coding skills
• Networking & Fun
• Get a differentiated understanding of digitization’s impact on society and todays lifestyle

For this Workshop we partnered with Schoen Digital Labs, the health care tech incubator from Schön Kliniken. They aim to improve the quality of online medical care. Mental disorders impose an enormous disease burden on societies throughout the world. More than 600 million people globally suffer from psychological disease and this problem is growing.

What you will learn:

You will get a comparison of the two frameworks and develop your own progressive web application. We will explore React and Vue while developing a prototype for a telemedicine solution focussing on a peer2peer VideoChat and messaging app using WebRTC through the Twilio API. You will leave the workshop having worked on your own VideoChat app with feedback from experts in UI development and the real-world application of your favourite technology.

ReactJS general concepts – VueJS general concepts – Writing API wrappers and clients –
Lifecycle methods – How to write automated test – Error handling – Videochat UI requirements

What skills are required: Intermediate to advanced

• HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Intermediate to advanced)
• NodeJS and npm (Basic)
• Experience with other Javascript frameworks (jQuery, Angular, backbone) Bonus
• Git (Basic to Intermediate)

You don’t need to have previous knowledge of React or Vue, but you should be competent in
your framework of choice to complete our online challenge.

Join us!
We would like to welcome you in Munich on December 15th. There are two ways in joining us.

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