Our Offer

KlickOwn simplifies the way investors can participate in real estate investments across Europe. We aim to provide properly selected and attractive investment opportunities on a highly user-friendly platform.

The process is as simple as it goes. Sign up with KlickOwn, complete the verification process, choose your desired investment project and invest starting from €10. Once the investment process is completed, we will send your digital shares directly to your personal wallet. The digital shares (tokens) represent your investment and also embody the right to claim quarterly interest payments. We are here to provide a crowd investing platform for blockchain-based investments in real estate, which is globally accessible and easy to use for everyone!

Our Story
The KlickOwn platform allows everyone to invest in European real estate projects - secure, fast and simple. We offer international investors selected investment opportunities in real estate. As an investor, you have access to the largest asset class - all just a mouse click away. The real estate industry is a valuable growth driver in our economy. Its foundation is typically set by the local land registrar and cadastral surveyors, on top of which a well operating market has existed. However, transactions in this market are dominated by banks, large investment funds, agencies, and third parties like notaries and legal entities. KlickOwn gets rid of existing entry barriers and makes investing in real estate easy. We smartly implement modern blockchain technology to the European real estate ecosystem. We automate processes and eliminate intermediaries, making investments faster, more secure and profitable for both investors and project developers. We offer fully compliant security tokens per every single real estate project.
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Alexander Braune

Founder & Executive Director