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Within the Freudenberg Star Campaign with its slogan “Your Idea – Our Star”, we invite creative minds worldwide in our ideaTrophy to take a chance at realizing a successful startup of an innovative business in cooperation with Freudenberg.

Let your business idea excite us and others

From simple bullet points or more detailed concept descriptions and sketches to business cases, functional prototypes, or even a first start-up business – business ideas may have different levels of maturity. Moreover, business ideas may have a varying scope – from a single application to an entire product family and platform. Hence, there are many ways to present your unique business idea in order to get others excited. The better you describe and showcase your business idea, the higher the chances of success will be. However, please ensure not to submit confidential information.
Anyone who provides a business idea will receive feedback

Every business idea that falls within our targeted search fields will be professionally evaluated. Due to the large number of new business ideas we receive, including those that may not be presented in our ideaTrophy web forum, feedback can take several weeks. The preferred language for posts is English.
Innovation is a risky business

Timing plays a major role in deciding when and whether an idea or concept can be effectively implemented. People who are full of enthusiasm for their business idea understandably react with disappointment if their proposals are not successful. Based on experience, very few ideas achieve market success. The “idea funnel” model is useful for seeing how the process works and why so few ideas eventually mature into actual businesses. Any decision against pursuing a business idea at Freudenberg often has a variety of reasons behind it – it is rarely a question of the quality of the idea itself.

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