What you bring to the team

Solid experience in web development and confident use of modern technologies such as React, Typescript, Postgres, NextJS, and AWS. Knowledge of Supabase, Vercel, and NestJS is a plus. Perseverance, initiative, and power to significantly contribute to team success.
Independence in work style and in managing one's own (partial) projects.
You have strengths in...
  • numbers, data and logic
You already have...
  • worked as fulltime employee

What awaits you

Your Mission:
Further development and optimization of our MVP and preparation for the next versions together with our CTO.
Integration of a payment system and continuous improvement of our core product.
Building interfaces for connection to other platforms via APIs.

What we offer you

Our mission
At OskarOS, we are pioneers of intuitive online booking software that supports small and medium-sized businesses in their growth. Our solutions are designed for flexibility and simplicity – our hallmarks. With us by their side, our customers navigate every business step more easily and successfully.

Current Stage:
We are on the verge of founding our GmbH and are working intensively on versions 0.4 and 0.5 of our MVP to realize our vision. For 2024, we have ambitious plans and are therefore looking for additional support for our team.

Our Offer:
Start part-time in an exciting new role and benefit from the flexibility of home office, with the prospect of a full-time position and a leadership role.
Receive a small amount of company shares as recognition of your commitment.
Work in a value-oriented culture that prioritizes customer obsession, innovation, and a people-centered environment.

About our project

Accept bookings and receive reservations in less than a minute. OskarOS is your versatile online tool for all your booking needs. Try us for free now!

One-click booking forms for any organization


Employee in the area of Tech wanted as Developer Developer (backend)
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