What you bring to the team

The founder has experience from idea generation and conceptualization to marketing and commercialization
You have strengths in...
  • getting in touch with people
  • design and visuals

What awaits you

Help build from concept to a working business product.

What we offer you

TOIKOM is a service provider of clean, hygienic, safe and user-friendly sanitary and toilet facilities and is committed to enriching the public infrastructure through its know-how and capital.

TOIKOM manages public santaire and toilet chain intended for clean toilets and refreshing facilities. The company's toilets and toilets are equipped with high-quality sanitary products and services and maintain hygiene standards by dedicated cleaning staff, allowing international tourists and local travellers/residents to get an experience of clean, safe, user-friendly and environmentally friendly public toilet facilities.

About our project

TOIKOM designs, builds and manages public santaire and toilet facilities through its technically supported service platform.

TOIKOM is a new innovative public toilet concept. Toikom builds and operates an innovative santaire and toilet concept with clean toilets and state-of-the-art modular refreshing facilities.

TOIKOM wants to digitize the public toilet sector and become the leading service provider by contributing to better public health with state-of-the-art santaire and toilet facilities and integrated e-health centers.

TOIKOM will develop the technical service platform that provides an enjoyable customer experience that meets the highest standards of cleanliness while ensuring diversity and equality throughout the value chain, regardless of race, gender or nationality.

Target group
TOIKOM wants to attract customers who are concerned about health and sanitation standards that are higher than those in traditional toilets.

TOIKOM manages and operates environmentally friendly chain of santaire and pay toilets due to greater hygiene awareness due to the COVID-19 pandemic. TOIKOM becomes the "Starbucks of toilets", charges € 3.50 for "premium" facilities with air conditioning and € 1.50 for regular ones. Other pay-toilets cost around € 1.10.

Supervisors clean and disinfect the toilets after each use. Premium toilets are also equipped with sensor-controlled equipment, so users don't have to touch anything. In addition, some facilities have relaxation areas where users can monitor health indicators, including blood pressure and body fat.


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