What you bring to the team

Strong communication skills, experienced in presenting products that require explanation, ideally in SaaS, Software, Deep Tech, B2B. Have an entrepreneurial mindset and enjoy gathering market insights to enable product development based on real needs.
You have strengths in...
  • getting in touch with people
You already have...
  • worked as fulltime employee

What awaits you

Talking to potential portal users and businesses, find out what industries, target groups and use cases Portal could attract and what features Portal should offer so that people are willing to pay for it.

What we offer you

Visionary team of 3 experts from development, marketing and finance; fully functional MVP; relaxed bootstrapping without time pressure, but clear goals; work wherever you want; fair equity split though Slicing Pie.

About our project

Portal is the virtual space with everything you need: applications, storage & computing.

Portal offers cloud computing for small business and private use. Simple. Flexible. Secure.

PoC and rollout for key target groups (smb, smart home)

Target group
Small businesses, freelancers, smart home starters, app developers


KA salary
Slicing Pie Shares
from immediately Startdate

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