Looking for an exciting challenge and want to make a substantial difference in your profession? Then come on board as *** Co-founder & CTO *** for a great startup adventure and help us build a world innovation to address the biggest and most urgent challenge of our time: Climate Change.

eco.income engineering is a very early stage startup from Hamburg. We will help the masses to become more aware of and change their unsustainable consumption behavior. For this we are building an App to easily track and reduce personal climate footprints. The key innovation: we are working with an open banking API provider and will measure the footprints automatically and thus user-friendly on the basis of financial spending data, so e.g. any credit card swipe. We are about to build the MOBILE APP MVP and aim to launch it asap in spring 2020. Here a taste of the (older) web app concept: https://projects.invisionapp.com/share/GZRAG4IA4Q7#/screens/355344929_Track.

We have a backend (built with Python / Django) which we can partly use for the MVP now.

Primary markets: Nordics, Netherlands and UK where the cashless society is already reality, people are more open to Fintech-based services and per capita GHG emissions are very high.

Business model:
- B2C: Freemium model
- B2B: Companies and public institutions who value sustainability offer the premium version to their employees as a green fringe benefit
- B2B: Affiliate marketing -> we promote the most sustainable products & services on the market
- B2B: API and SaaS for banks (climate footprint calculations)

Your profile:
- Completed studies in the field of computer science (at least bachelor)
- Experience with Backend development and DevOps
- High quality thinking and interest in new trends and technologies
- Able to work in Hamburg most of the time

Why you should work with us?
- Possibility to build a world innovation to fight climate change from scratch
- As co-founder: close to equal share of the company and financial security from March 2020 on
- We will build this company with passion for the greater purpose. We will have great impact as well as make some good money and have fun along the way
- HQ in beautiful and vibrant Hamburg, but if you feel like spending 2 months per year somewhere in Spain e.g. and work remotely - no problem (-;

Interested? Then we are looking forward to hearing from you! jurij@ecoincome.world // http://www.ecoincome.world

We are looking for
1Entrepreneurial exper. 1Vocational exper. 3Academic exper.
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