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Jan Homann

Co-Founder, Business. Aus Berlin. Sucht Mitgründer.
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A CTO who shares our passion about making blogfoster the #1 ad handling solution for all kind of personal published content.

I offer

Junior or Senior Positions: Backend (PHP 5.3; ZendFramework 2; (My)SQL; NodeJS (Express Framework); Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Frontend(Javasript, Backbone JS, Node JS (Express Framework), jQuery, RESTful API Inters/working students: Blogger-Relationship-Management, Sales

About me

Hi everybody my name is Jan, Co-founder of blogfoster. Together with Simon Staib we started blogfoster with the vision to make the handling of advertisement as simple as shopping online. By running the blog-marketer since 2011, we detected that the long tail of publishers is struggling with the complexity an tecnical issues of the advertisement market. We started blogfoster to solve this. Imagine you are a publisher, writing everyday about the coolest stuff on the internet. Wouldn’t it be nice to transform passion into a business? Imagine blogfoster as an online store for advertisement. Our users can find suitable ads in our adstore and can drag and drop those banners on their sites, which fit best for their readers and their content. Moreover we provide deep data analytics on which banners perform best on other blogs and provide a guidance for novice publishers. We released a video-prototype of blogfoster in last summer and had registrations from sites with 40 million page impressions a month, we caught the attention of Axel-Springer and they invested in us. We currently moved into our new office in Friedrichshain. Currently we are six persons and two founders, I am responsible for business, and Simon is the product guy and now we are looking for a technical co-founder who shares our passion of building a global product.


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