Founder @Aly CoFounder @Advertace / I'm a passionate entrepreneur. Making mental health support worldwide accessible to every human being without barriers.
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I'm looking for a CTO or technical Co-Founder for my new Start-Up Aly. In the last three years, I built the performance marketing agency Advertace. The Agency grew up to 40 employees within 2 years.

27 years
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I'm looking for a technical co-founder or CTO for my new Mental Health Start-Up Aly.

I offer

- a job as a technical co-founder or CTO in my new start-up - several years of start-up experience - diverse business skillset to build from zero to one

Aly GmbH
Aly GmbH

“A world without taboos around mental health"

Healthcare Marketplace / Platform Mobile Apps
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CTO / technical Co-Founder needed for Aly / Digital Platform for people with mental disorders

Co-Founder Developer Developer (Mobile)
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