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She Loves Tech Global Competition für Tech-Startups

The program is going fully virtual this year in over 30 countries. Startups from the following verticals are particularly encouraged to participate: FinTech, Enterprise Solutions, Health & Wellbeing, CleanTech / Sustainability, Education, Consumer & Retail, Food / AgriTech, Women's Issues, and Smart Cities. She Loves Tech has prepared an amazing startup journey for you: Sourcing - Mentorship - Acceleration.

Who is eligible to participate?
Criteria 1) You are an early stage startup. You are seeking seed, angel or A round funding under $5M USD with at least a minimum viable product past the conceptual stage.
Criteria 2) You are a female founder? Perfect. Or you have a majority of female users or consumers? Amazing. Or your technology is impacting women positively? Good job! If you can answer one of these questions with a "YES", you are totally eligible to participate.

Application opens on 1st July 2020. Join the competition now and become part of the world's largest startup competition for women and technology!

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