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The magic word “go China” provides startups with opportunities beyond count, including a whole new massive market audience, new partnerships, new manufacturers, new technologies and of course plenty of new experiences.

But entering the Chinese market is a tough one, too. And as if building a startup wouldn’t be already hard enough, the Chinese market can also hold some huge surprises and challenges in store.

That is why we founded TechCode: an one-stop eco-system for tomorrow`s dragon tamer.

With our  global offices throughout China, Berlin, Silicon Valley, Seoul, Tel Aviv, Helsinki and more to come in 2017, we have created hubs for startups getting ready to enter the Chinese market.

In partnership with China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd (CFLD), a leading new industry city operator responsible for more than 40 industrial parks, we are dedicated to build a global ecosystem and guiding entrepreneurs from their first steps to scale their business.

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