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Datenanalyse Smart Cities Soziales Unternehmertum Stand Okt 2017 aus Berlin
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We're passionate about the big challenges facing our species: how to become an advanced civilisation without destroying the environment, while eradicating poverty and inequality. The solution came as a vision: self-sufficient cities. Only if we produce everything from the local ecosystem, we can be truly responsible, otherwise we'd just be outsourcing carbon emissions and deforestation.

So, we did research and reversed-engineered the systems required to operate a self-sustainable city (i.e. transport, manufacturing, energy, agriculture, etc.) Now we want to take our algorithms and create a VR game/platform where users can build upon this framework and collaborate with their knowledge and ideas to create a self-sufficient city in virtual reality.

Humanity has a huge task ahead, so big that it's easy to point fingers or stick the head in the sand. But not us. We want to do something about it, and we want it to be fun. We want to attract creative people who want to roll up their sleeves and, once and for all, leave future generations a development model that preserves the planet.
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Juan Vargas


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