CTO gesucht für E-Health Startup Stand Jan 2019
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Right now we are looking for someone to join our founder team as a CTO/tech-lead in Berlin/Zurich (starting asap).

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Our vision is to develop a digital companion for patients with chronic diseases. This way, we want to enable them to be in charge and even the shaper of their own health. At first, we want to start with a digital companion for neurodermatitis patients. This is rooted in one of our co-founder’s very personal history as he suffered from neurodermatitis when he was younger. This way, we really understand the patient’s perspective and their problems. Thus, after doing a lot of research, interviews and surveys with patients and experts in the last months we want to get our first version of the digital companion product ready for launch in spring 2019. We want to combine online classrooms with personal tele-care (non-existent yet in this disease field) in the short-term. In the mid-term, we want to add more features like an on-demand expert. This approach first aims at building a strong community of neurodermatitis patients as well as experts and doctors to establish a critical mass as well as a solid data-foundation. In the long run we want to create a marketplace where all stakeholders (patients, doctors, insurances etc.) are being matched based on AI (e.g. with the help of pattern recognition like Amazon’s recommendation engine “people who bought X also bought Z”). This approach will give patients the best experience and also eliminate costs and inefficiencies from the healthcare system as a whole.

We are currently two co-founders: Jerry (https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremyhenrichs1987) and Tobi (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tobias-seidl-10437).

If you want to know more about our venture, please visit www.health-companion.com to see a couple slides regarding our concept.

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