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Our network of collaboration partners supplies us access to a unique combination of high-quality medical data and real-world professional insights.

Join us as CTO, co-founder and entrepreneur in our EXIST application and bootstrap a company from the ground up.

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+ Applied data science/engineering: data mining and deep learning algorithms on medical imaging data, distributed storage and retrieval of sensitive medical data, full stack software implementation
+ Technology strategy: research, plan and prototype technologies for end-to-end expert toolchains in medical work environments
+ Project planning: breakdown, structure and plan agile data projects
+ User experience design: plan, execute and apply user research and design for actual relevance
+ Company building/scaling: establish and lead a team of data scientist and data engineers, shape our company culture and it's future

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We apply state of the art, data driven approaches to deliver the most advanced computed, connected and rendered medical information when and where it matters - a seamless experience to augment medical expert intelligence based on AI.

Join us now: Please send max. 10 sentences "why you" and your CV to: mail.medtech@web.de

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As startup in founding we are driven to redefine the workspace of doctors with a perfectly tailored hands-free technology toolchain to empower an incomparabl...

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