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We want to help the masses in the western world to become more aware of and change their unsustainable consumption behavior. For this we are building a cutting-edge app with a strong and fun incentive system to easily track and minimize personal climate footprints, these we will measure on the basis of financial spending data to begin with.
Your role:
- Calculation of monetary GHG emission factors for diverse consumption categories (x kg CO2e / €) on the basis of the method currently developed in a master thesis, eventually in cooperation with a partner
- Supervision and improvement of automated footprint calculations
- Build up a data base with climate footprint improvement actions for our users, including an climate impact and economical evaluation per action
- Further development of climate footprint: Integration of geo and energy data (on top of financial data) in order to build the world's most sophisticated climate footprint calculator
- Business development together with CEO

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We will build this company with passion for the greater purpose. We will have great impact as well as make some good money and have fun along the way. Sounds like a good story to tell? Looking forward to hearing from you!

HQ soon in Hamburg.

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